Understanding The Issues Facing Our Young People

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Education, Education, Education. Liam Keane has devoted 22 years plus to serving, supporting and hopefully teaching our future generations to be prepared for their lives as adults. A remarkable vocation that has brought him in contact with many students who have achieved their hopes and dreams. However increasingly in our more divided society Liam has experienced the harsh effects on students who are pushed through a system that does not work for them. It is in his work as a Coordinator of Special Educational Needs and experience of being a Pastoral Leader that he has seen the causes and effects of an ever widening divide in our society. While OFSTED continue to look for their pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and continual policy changes from Government that do nothing for teacher recruitment, the divide grows and its effects.


Liam Keane has worked in a number of mainstream schools in South London and also in a pupil referral unit for those who have been excluded from school. He has seen at first hand the effects on families that are brought under further pressure to pay the bills and meet the challenges of everyday life. He has been a witness to young people who have felt alienated from mainstream life as they can’t or won’t achieve their hopes and dreams.


Liam Keane in his first piece of transgressive fiction, Who Said What? Puts you the reader into shoes of a young man lacking aspiration from home and school, leading him with his peers into more risky behaviour that like so many young people do not appreciate the gravity of what they are involved in. For this young man it seems society has no aspiration nor guidance as his life spirals out of control.